Camp NaNoWriMo: T-minus 24 days

Another day, another writing exercise. And one day closer to Camp NaNo Day 1.

Day 2: Creating Inner Conflict

Step 1: Thinking about your protagonist in the novel as a whole, what is it that your protagonist most wants?

Lia wants her life to go back to normal. This means leaving the city where the parasite brought her and heading back to her hometown. While she knows that the town is probably still under control of the bad guys, but she wants to rejoin the resistance in order to make the bad guys pay for destroying her family’s stability and normalcy.

Step 2: Write down whatever is the opposite of that.

The opposite of Lia wanting to return to her life before the bad guys entered it is Lia wanting to keep living the life she has forged for herself in the new city. She wants to continue to be seen as her own person and to enjoy the independence that came with being alone.

Step 3: How can your protagonist want both of those things simultaneously? What would cause your protagonist to want them both? What steps would he actively take to pursue those conflicting desires?

Lia misses the security of her family life before the bad guys invaded her hometown. She also misses her family, especially because they were so close. Yet she also enjoys not being seen as the middle sister in the Lawrence family or being asked if she will take over her mother’s bustling private investigation business. She now makes her own choices about her career path. She feels guilty for enjoying herself when she doesn’t know what’s happening with her family. But she also believes that she won’t be moving forward in her life if she goes back to her hometown. She may not be able to make much of a difference.

In order to get back to her family, Lia would attempt to leave the city. She’d gather enough supplies, gather as much information about the trip as she could, and then head back to her hometown. In order to remain as her own person, she’d work to make a name for herself based on her own achievements and failings.

I know this has been posted a bit late, but better late than never.

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