Book Review: The Good Enough Husband by Sylvie Fox

Hannah Morrison Keesling married Michael because she didn’t want to grow old alone. But what started as a marriage that was just good enough, no longer works for Hannah. A trip north to put distance between herself and her unhappy life leads to a small time veterinarian named Ben Cooper. Ben is the guy that she should have met first. He’s perfect for her, even if he’s gun shy after being lied to by his ex-wife. While Hannah tries to move on with Ben, her husband refuses to let go. She must make a choice: to be the good wife or to be with the man she loves. And her decisions, she quickly learns, will ripple into everyone else’s lives.

Hannah was a refreshing take on the typical romance main character. Half African American and half Danish, she’s not the short blonde/brunette that I often see in books. I especially enjoyed how Danish words were included in the dialogue and narration without making too big of a deal out of them. It made their presence natural. That’s how I felt a lot of Hannah’s identity was conveyed through the novel. It was simply a fact, and I loved that.

Her identity helped me to understand Hannah’s choices. As a writer, I understood why she chose to hide her husband from Ben. However the reader in me disagreed with her decision. I watched helplessly as things got out of control, and I had several “I told you so” moments. It left me frustrated. While I didn’t really enjoy the lingering guilt over an unnecessary situation, another reader might enjoy it.

I had a hard time “falling for” Ben. I know that this book isn’t technically a romance novel, so I shouldn’t expect to fall in love with him. But I found him to be a bit too generic. My first impression of him was of a nice guy who liked animals and was burned by his ex-wife. He did become more interesting as the novel progressed when his half brother was introduced. I just felt like his character didn’t really come into his own as a person until the final pages of the book.

This book would be great for someone looking for a drama filled book about the consequences of the choices we make in haste.


The Good Enough Husband by Sylvie Fox is published by Penner Media and is available as an Ebook.

*I received an advanced copy of this book in return for an unbiased review.

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