Thirteen thoughts that my dogs have before making bad decisions (and the reason I get so easily distracted)

Sampson, 16 mos., German Shepherd

I’m going to start this post off by saying that I love my dogs. I can’t imagine life them. But that being said, they don’t always have the best ideas about how to spend their time. So the majority of my time–the time when I should be writing–often gets spent reminding puppies that the house isn’t a NASCAR racetrack.

Here are thirteen thoughts that I swear go through their minds just before my house goes to the dogs.

  1. “No one’s here, I better go steal her toy.”-Sampson when I’m out of the room and there are Nylabones on the floor
  2. “No one’s here, I should probably chase the invisible rabbits around the living room.”-Grace when I’m out of the room and she’s excited
  3. “I can grab the toy out from under her. She won’t notice.”-Sampson as he steals a toy out from under Grace
  4. “Quick! He’s distracted!”-Grace just before she fakes Sampson out and takes his toy
  5. “You don’t scare me.”-Sampson as he tries to stare down Grace and just before she calls his bluff
  6. “Pay attention to me!”-Grace when she puts her front paws on the couch and shoves her nose into my hands

    Grace, 2 yrs, Lab mix

  7. “Hi, I’m Sampson. Pay attention to me.”-Sampson as he shoves his face in front of me
  8. “Go ahead, make my day.”-Grace the moment before she pounces on Sampson
  9. “I’m bouncing!”-Sampson stomping around the living room
  10. “That noise is wicked suspicious.”-Grace perking her ears and then barking as she charges the door
  11. “This is my intense stare.”-Sampson with his tail flicking and his body tensed to play
  12. “She’s MY person.”-Grace when Sampson tries to get close to me
  13. “I wonder what this paw smells like.”-Both dogs looking for trouble

Do your pets distract you from writing? Do they have any tricks to get your attention?

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