30 Days of World Building, Day 20: Plot Hooks-B

Day 20: Plot Hooks-Here is the second part of the Plot Hooks exercise. I realized while working on this outline that I’ve never actually done one for this novel. And as much as I struggled with letting go of pieces of the story I’ve considered essential for so long, I’m glad that I now have a starting point. 


  • The protagonist sleeps with someone from HR in order to get the job of Jr. Speechwriter at the Presidential Mansion
  • The protagonist works on policy speeches that frustrate her as they will probably never be given
  • Writes a speech that she’d want the President to give–Shows it to mentor, who says that it would go over well with voters
  • Participates in a large round table with the President about jump-starting the reelection campaign–Pitches idea of appealing to the lower classes; Mentor and others dismiss her idea, though the President wants to hear more of her ideas; chewed out later by her mentor and others
  • Meets with the President–discuss how they know each other (reveal that her father has died); shows President’s history/past as a member of the lower classes
  • Visits her parents’ graves
  • Feels frustrated that the President rejects all of the ideas that she pitches
  • Witnesses protesters on the outer edge of a campaign speech, adding to frustration
  • Gets into an argument with other staff members about food packets–President drags hwer away and confronts her about her attitude; she accuse him of playing to corporations
  • President takes up protagonist’s challenge to visit a hospital where the victims of industrial disease are hidden away from the public
  • Works on a draft of a speech while in the doctor’s office waiting room–Doctor gives her an update on her condition and a timeline of how much longer she has to live
  • Mentor confronts her about the direction she’s encouraging the President to go with the campaign–Nervous about financial backers
  • Meets the first lady before a presidential speech that addresses issues relating to the lower classes–Immediate corporate backlash; approval from lower classes
  • Whirlwind of positive public campaign events–the protagonist becomes closer to the President; climbing in the polls
  • Convinces the President to investigate the reports of industrial disease reports prevalent among workers at Ponderosa Industries–Protests from the company
  • Rumors circulate about the relationship between the protagonist and the President
  • Goes to the doctor and learns that she’s going to need her teeth extracted
  • The President insists that the protagonist stay overnight at the presidential mansion in order to work on a policy speech–a state dinner is occurring the same night; confronted by a member of Ponderosa Industries’s Board of Directors who threatens to ruin her and the President
  • Breakfast with the President, the First Lady, and mentor–the President mentions that several people at the dinner asked about the protagonist; the protagonist mentions the executive’s threat
  • Collapses and nearly passes out due to pain while working with her mentor–Brushes it off as not having eaten or slept
  • Writes a speech for the reelection acceptance speech while in the same room as the President–Interrupted by an independent health report that names radium as the cause of the Ponderosa Industries industrial disease; reveals that her parents died of the disease; the President demands further proof before going public
  • Tension between the President and the First Lady during the first few weeks of the second term
  • Has teeth removed
  • Learns that corrupt authorities in the Mississippi Territory won’t let her travel to see her younger brother–confides in the President; illustrates relationship with her family
  • Goes to the doctor, who finds bone cancer–discuss treatment options
  • Rumor spreads through the tabloids that the protagonist slept with HR to get the job and has a physical relationship with the President–denies it all; first lady confronts her about it, claiming to have heard from a reliable source
  • Attends a political rally and is surprised when several people thank her for her contributions to the President’s policies
  • Learns that the President has been giving her credit for his campaign turnaround and opening his eyes–thanks him
  • Receive confirmation that Ponderosa Industries knowingly used radium and caused industrial disease–the President asks the protagonist to arrange a way to present the case to the public; contemplates a personal twist to the reveal
  • Attends a formal media dinner event at the request of the President despite not feeling well–feels faint during the dinner, excuses herself, and collapses; the President sees the whole thing; first lady catches them, accuses them of the rumors being true, and shoves the protagonist; breaks her leg in the fall
  • Reveals to the President that she is dying from radium poisoning–discuss the recent publicity issues must be the result of Ponderosa Industries executive
  • Participates in the meeting with Ponderosa Industries executives about the radium poisoning–drives home the point by showing them her extracted teeth and saying that the doctor will need to amputate her leg soon
  • Gives public speech to announce the radium issue, alongside the President, and gives a face to it


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