30 Days of World Building, Day 20: Plot Hooks-A

So I’ve been absent for a few days. I spent a bit of time working on today’s assignment: plotting my novels. The rest of the time has been working on a book review project that I’m hoping to share shortly.

Day 20: Plot Hooks-Today is time to figure out the plot of your story. Or at least create a basic list of what you want to happen in your novel and when. I’m going to do this over the course of two days because this post has the potential to get pretty long.

King’s Shadow

  • King’s Guard captures a bomber during a bomb scare in the palace complex.
  • The protagonist is assigned to provide an extra layer of protection to the Prince.
  • Family lunch where the protagonist discusses her future in the Royal Guard and having a family–hers and the “love interest’s” roles secret
  • The King’s Guard is activated in the middle of the night  to raid a house connected to the would-be bomber–Introduce the nemesis
  • The Prince convinces the protagonist to help him learn to dance for his wedding reception and in order to surprise his fiancee.
  • The King makes a speech broadcast on the radio about the flood in the capitol city and announces that the Royal Forces Reserves will be sent to help with rescue efforts
  • The Prince and the protagonist participate in rescue efforts after flooding
  • The protagonist, the Prince, and the “love interest” discover the nemesis’s hiding place
  • The Prince gives the King a report on the flood and recovery efforts
  • The protagonist and the love interest discuss the future, especially life after Officer Candidate School
  • The protagonist and the Prince hike in order to survey the flood damage–Discuss whether or not she’ll wear a dress to the wedding; Ambushed by the officers supposed to guard the Prince; The protagonist is forced to reveal that she’s the King’s Shadow
  • The protagonist vents to the love interest; they receive an alert that the King has been shot
  • King’s Guard meet at the King’s bedside–Ace and the Prince are also there; Protagonist learns that she’s being fingered as an accomplice in the attack on the King; the Prince is the only new person to know her identity as the King’s Shadow; Neither the King nor Ace can stop the investigation without revealing the King’s Shadow secret; the Protagonist is going on the run
  • The protagonist leaves the capitol city for Fayford
  • The protagonist ends up in a dark part of Fayford’s capitol city
  • The protagonist gets caught up in a clash between the police and the people of Fayford–Learns that there is a huge gap between social classes; comes into contact with her nemesis and is advised not to return to the capitol city
  • The protagonist’s investigation of the tension in Fayford is interrupted by a high-ranking criminal who offers her a position as a mercenary–does so on the basis of knowing Ace and goes after her to collect the bounty on her head when she refuses
  • The protagonist breaks into the house of a government official in order to steal documents that may shed light on the role of Fayford in the incidents at the capitol–surprised how easy it was to break the law
  • Discovers paperwork that connects Fayford to at least two assassination attempts, the bombing and the attack on the King–the nemesis interrupts her packing, warning that he won’t play nice if she goes back; reveals he’s been hired to orchestrate the assassination attempts
  • The protagonist returns to the capitol, sneaking into the palace complex
  • Meeting of the King’s Guard, minus Ace
  • Wedding–Assassination attempt stopped without interrupting the wedding; the fiancee’s mother connected to the plots; the protagonist nearly killed when she goes after the nemesis
  • The protagonist gets ready to enter OCS, unsure about future in the Royal Forces as this case has shaken her confidence

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