30 Days of World Building, Day 18: Speculative & Society

Day 18: Speculative & Society-Today’s exercise is to incorporate the speculative element into the society and culture that you outlined on Day 10. How does the element change the world in which your characters live? How is the element viewed? Do some people have access and others don’t?

King’s Shadow:

Suture-X Antiseptic Bandage is used in capitol city hospitals and is available to every soldier within the Royal Forces. The manufacturer has created a plan where Suture-X is systematically distributed to hospitals in major cities across Theal after education with medical providers about the proper use. The plan is that within seven years, Suture-X will be used by hospitals and paramedics across the country.

The population in the capitol city are aware of Suture-X, and someone will have a friend or family member who has had Suture-X applied to them. They are excited about the technological breakthrough. However news of Suture-X isn’t widespread across the country yet, but there are pockets where people have returned from the capitol city and mentioned the bandage.

Certain members of the titled class believe that Suture-X should be distributed immediately due to its potential to help so many people. They often do not understand the elevated risk of infection with Suture-X if it’s not applied properly. Yet some are very vocal about the technology.


The lower classes resent the upper classes because they can afford actual food rather than being forced to consume the food packets. They also dislike the fact that the packet is used as a diet by those with money. The tax increase on the packet causes the lower classes to strike and then select groups riot, lashing out at the upper classes. Not only do the packets exacerbate the division between classes, they serve as a rallying point for the lower classes. It’s symbolic, the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

The protagonist uses the food packet as a way to get the President to understand the situation with the lower classes. Though he did work to make himself successful, he often gets caught up in politics that he forgets the situation on the ground.

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