Book Review: One Week by Elisabeth Staab

To say that Michael Hale’s company has hit a rough patch would be an understatement. His transition to CEO after his father’s death hasn’t been the smoothest, and a number of big projects teeter on the brink of catastrophe. So when the contractor hired to help his company out of the jam turns out to be the “one who got away” years ago, he’s determined to gain control in one part of his life and make her stay this time.

Elise Jackson walked into HaleStorm with the sole intention of fixing a security issue in the company’s programs. Unfortunately, Michael Hale derailed that plan. The sting from when he broke her heart remained on her mind, so she vows to keep everything professional. But she finds that pretty hard to stick to when the close quarters and late nights that lead to passion. They only have one week to save the company. Can they do that and heal old wounds?

I really enjoyed reading One Week. The premise of one week to get the project done, and the tension that created, meant I had a hard time putting this book down. Short chapters also gave me trouble. I must have said “just one more chapter” three or four times before I finally forced myself to put the book down.

Michael seemed gruff, bordering on unapproachable, as I read the first few pages. However his demeanor grew on me once he met Elise and was forced to work with her. I actually really liked him and his rough-around-the-edges personality. It made sense when the author examined his difficult relationships in his personal life and the resolve he needed to successfully manage his company.

Elise proved to be a great match for Michael’s personality. An experienced professional in her own right, she comes into the situation with plenty of baggage. I couldn’t help but empathize with her feelings about Michael and their history. Certain pieces of her past also made her pretty memorable.

My only complaint about this book is that Michael seemed to lose his gruffness around Elise as the book progressed. I understand that his relationship with her softened him to a degree, but I believe that the rough part of him made him stand out. This doesn’t completely distract from the story since he does show pieces of being an alpha male elsewhere. I just would have preferred to see snippets of that personality in their relationship.

This book would be a worthwhile read for anyone looking for an office romance that gets steamy pretty quickly.


One Week by Elisabeth Staab is published by Fido Publishing and is available as an eBook for $2.99.

*I received an advanced copy of this book in return for an unbiased review.

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