30 Days of World Building, Day 16: Limits of Speculative Element

Day 16: Limits of Speculative Element-Today is the time to figure out the limits or trade-offs of using your speculative element. Are there any negatives to using it, or is it used all of the time without anything bad happening? What can your element not do (i.e. raise the dead, stop time, etc.)? Is your element reliable? It’s time to establish the limits, boundaries, and details of the speculative element.

King’s Shadow: Medicated bandage

The medicated bandage can only heal superficial wounds to the skin. If a wound is not cleaned properly, the bandage will close up the skin over top of the debris and thus allow an infection to grow under the skin. Such an infection requires more invasive treatment than having the injury treated initially by a physician. The same is the case with deeper wounds that caused internal bleeding. The bleeding will remain even if the surface skin is healed. So while the bandage allows people who are not medical professionals to treat minor injuries, it can also be used improperly and cause more damage.

This technology is only used by the Royal Forces at the moment. However, the antagonist wants the bandage to be available to everyone across the country. They do not realize the dangers to public health if the bandage is not applied properly.

Avignon: Food Packet

The food packet is in widespread use by the lower economic/social classes as the primary source of nutrition while the upper classes use it as a diet. The packets initially cost less than actual food, but a tax levied on it during the course of the novel means that it costs too much for the lower economic/social classes to afford enough food to feed their families.

Research into the health implications of consuming the food packet as the primary source of nutrition for several years comes to light. The packet has been linked to gastrointestinal issues that require medical intervention. The medical treatment is ongoing, requiring multiple expensive prescriptions and increasingly frequent hospitalizations. Since the majority of those beginning to show symptoms are of the lower classes, they receive substandard or even no treatment as they do not have the money to cover the cost.

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