Book Review: Sex and the Founding Fathers, The American Quest for a Relatable Past by Thomas A. Foster

Paper, Pen, and No Plan

Americans struggle to relate to the founding fathers of the United States. These men lived 250 years ago in a world and culture that differs so much from today’s. Thomas A. Foster argues that over the years, historians have molded the founding fathers to make them relatable for their contemporary audience. This meant that those biographies and papers may have ignored evidence or drawn conclusions when there was none in order to make the 18th century men relevant. The men portrayed in history books don’t always have the same depth they had in life.

I’m going to start this review by stating that I haven’t spent a lot of time with history books recently. I graduated with a BA in History (and English) back in 2012, focusing primarily on 20th century military history. My knowledge of the founding fathers isn’t extensive, but it’s reasonable.

Sex and the Founding Fathers is…

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