30 Days of World Building, Day 13: Plot Hooks

Day 13: Plot Hooks-Remember the speculative element that you created yesterday? Today you’re going to come up with at least five ways that element can contribute to your plot. And while you don’t need to use all of these plot hooks in your story, they’ll help with momentum if the plot starts to sag toward the middle.

King’s Shadow: Medicated bandage that heals superficial injuries.

  1. The protagonist treats an injury to the Prince after they’re ambushed
  2. A mercenary treats the protagonist while removing her from the capitol city
  3. The antagonist fights to have the bandage brought to regions without many doctors
  4. The Prince is hospitalized because a bandage was applied without cleaning the wound
  5. The protagonist barters her way out of a tough situation by offering the bandages

Avignon: Food packet

  1. Doctors begin to believe that the food packets cause neurological issues when used regularly for more than a year
  2. The Legislature proposes a tax that raises the price of packets so that they cost just as much as regular food, making it difficult for the lower classes to feed their families
  3. Social elites use the food packet as a way to lose weight and complain about how slow it works, which enrages the protagonist who knows its the only way some people eat
  4. The protagonist talks the President out of doing a campaign stop at a factory making food packets
  5. The President uses food packets as a jumping off point to demand a living wage for all

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