30 Days of World Building, Day 12: What If

Day 12: What If-It’s time to figure out which speculative elements–an element that isn’t found today on Earth–will be in your story. Once you’e decided on your element, figure out what would happen in your society if it existed. Think about the big things and the small ones. Also remember that every element available to your protagonist is available to your antagonist.

King’s Shadow:

Medicated/Healing Patches: Widely distributed among the Royal Forces and slowly becoming more and more accessible to the general public. Patches come in a variety of sizes and are made of a gauze substance that’s infused with antibiotics and medication. The edges of the patch contain adhesive that allow it to stick against the skin. Patches are applied to a superficial gash. Thirty minutes later, the patch is removed and the gash is healed. Prevents the need for stitches. Wound must be thoroughly cleaned prior to use, otherwise infection can be sealed inside the wound.

Means less hospital/ER trips for superficial lacerations, less doctor visits. Allows soldiers to recover quickly and return to duty in less than an hour. Allows those afraid of needles to avoid stitches. Easier treatment at home. But if the infection is not cleaned prior to use, the infection can be difficult to detect. The treatment of a sealed-in infection can be more difficult than simple stitches.


Meal-in-a-Packet: Contains a complete nutritional meal in a 2″ by 2″ paper packet. The meal itself is in powder form that can be mixed into a liquid, consumed alone, or added into a nutritionally incomplete meal. Has no taste. Provides the amount of calories an average adult should consume in a meal. Very inexpensive to purchase.

These Meal-in-a-Packets are the most common meal for the lower social classes due to price. Actual food costs a lot more due to transportation costs, so the only time they have it instead of the packet is when they grow/raise it themselves. They resent the upper classes who use the packets as diets and complain about the taste. Long-term use of the packets has not been evaluated, though there are signs that they may cause medical issues.

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