30 Days of World Building, Day 11: Focus In

Day 11: Focus In-Choose one aspect of your novel’s culture to flesh out. This may be the novel’s history, economy/politics, or names and languages. Pick the one that seems the most important to your novel. If you picked history, create a timeline that goes into substantially more detail than the previous one. If you picked economy/politics, name the different political bodies and write a one paragraph description. If you picked names and languages, create a short glossary for important nouns and start working on proper nouns.

For my novels, I’m going to focus on the economy/politics.

King’s Shadow:

Woodward Family-The ruling family for over 117 years, the Woodward family gained control thanks to a military coup after the fourth world war. The father of the current monarch used deception in order to maintain control of the government and the population. He would make backroom deals with Dukes and Duchess of the country that oftentimes benefited individuals and those of nobility than the population at large. The current monarch, Mycroft Woodward, governs differently from his father. He makes decisions openly and fairly, briefing the population on major issues and his reasoning. The people trust this generation of the Woodward family. The upcoming wedding of the prince has propelled him into the spotlight, putting him in a positive light.

Blood & Sword-An anarchic group based in Shorebridge that believes the Woodward family is not the right ones to rule the country. They don’t trust the King because they don’t believe he can honestly be so different from his father. They don’t believe a monarchy can effectively take into account the needs and will of the people. They are in favor of a violent uprising that unseats the Woodward family and installs a ruling council until a leader can be elected democratically. They’re also suspicious of the recent rise to power of the Swift family and its connections to the Royal Family.

Swift Family of Fayford-The Swift family ascended to power within the Duchy of Fayford in the past twenty-five years, though it was a major part of political life in the capitol city for fifty years. Anderson Swift, the current duke, married a Fayford native (Penelope) in order to cement his place in the duchy. The current regime calls for elections after the life of the current Duke/Duchess, so any member of the Swift family can run for the position. This allows the oldest daughter, Heather Swift, to marry the prince without removing the hereditary next in line for the position.

Justice Council-The Justice Council has fought with the Woodward Family for control of the government and the military for decades. The Justice Council doesn’t believe the monarchy should control the military or have executive power to create laws at will. It also disagrees with the power to make decisions on legal cases. Therefore the Justice Council oftentimes stands in the way of political appointments and delays legislature put forth by the King.


Ponderosa Industries: Ponderosa Industries is the largest company in the country, providing jobs across the country through mineral extraction and manufacturing. The company spends a substantial amount of money in the government in order to be a major part of drafting economic laws and regulations relating to manufacturing and health. Ponderosa Industries has no qualms about silencing–through any means necessary–anyone who threatens the stability of the company or its reputation.

Legislature: Legislature composed of wealthy men and women, a large number of whom received their seat due to cooperation with an economically powerful company such as Ponderosa Industries. As a result, they pass laws and regulations that benefit their sponsors. They minimize the negative impact of such things to the general population. There is a culture of fear. Anyone who doesn’t remain on the bandwagon is forced out of office.

Executive: Traditionally, the president acquiesces to the desires of the legislature and the economic powerhouse companies. They often even pocket money from the companies. However when the new president takes over, he refuses to take bribes. He therefore butts heads with the legislature on a regular basis. He has a reputation for sharing everything with the public, including the fact that many elected officials are taking bribes.

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