30 Days of World Building, Day 9: Language

Today’s exercise has to do with language. At first glance, it may seem like this exercise is designed specifically for writers creating a brand new world. Those of us creating a new society that takes place here on Earth should still take advantage of the opportunity to create new slang words and new words that slipped into language thanks to new technology. Internet, selfie, and texting never would have been used in the 1950’s. So it may take a bit of creativity and imagination to figure out the technology in your world and how your characters will describe it, but the result will be completely worth it.

Day 9: Language-Write down some ideas on how you would like your language to sound and think about syllables you’d hear with those sounds. Use those syllables as a base/jumping off point for creating words, including names for places and things.

King’s Shadow:


Praxin:(noun) Newspaper; tin:(slang) money; fesit:(slang) confess; sapron:(noun) a sandwich that includes honey, meat, and tomato; dasper:(noun) military surveillance technology



russ:(slang) problem, complaint; saus(slang) alcohol; oahf:(noun) illegal restaurant serving alcohol; fresa:(noun) fruit smoothie with or without alcohol; ursala(noun) hearty beef and potato stew that usually includes root vegetables and leftovers

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