30 Days of World Building, Day 8: Economics & Politics

Day 8: Economics & Politics-Take a look at the map from the other day and make note of the resources in each area. Figure out which areas have more of one resource or a deficit of another. Once that’s done, identify which groups of people care about these resources. How do these factions perceive each other? How do they perceive the other forces in the story: the protagonist, the antagonist, etc.?

King’s Shadow:

Place Has Has Not Cares about
Aeledge Lumber, fishing, hunting, manufacturing, technology Coal, farmland, cattle Farmland, cattle
Fayford Cattle, farmland, coal, fur Fishing, lumber, technology, medicine Technology, medicine
Shorebridge Fishing, transportation infrastructure , technology, medicine Farmland, cattle, lumber, precious minerals Farmland, lumber, precious minerals
Wellport Farmland, fur, hunting, lumber Fishing, cloth, manufacturing, technology Cloth, manufacturing, technology
Southedge Precious minerals, alcohol, fishing, medicine Lumber, farmland, cattle, manufacturing, cloth Manufacturing, cloth, lumber, farmland
Coldwall Stone, cattle raising, fishing Manufacturing, lumber, coal, minerals Manufacturing, precious minerals, lumber, coal
Lochmead Farmland, water transport, fishing Lumber, fur, coal, cloth Lumber, coal, technology
Texas Cattle raising , cloth, manufacturing Limited fresh water, farm land, lumber Fresh water, lumber, farmland
Northlynn Farmland, fur, wild game, precious minerals Limited fresh water, lumber, manufacturing Fresh water, manufacturing, lumber

Antagonist is looking to gain control of the monarchy in order to bring technology and medicine to Fayford. While she believes it will supplement the struggling economy, she primarily wants to break through the unspoken restrictions on technological and medical advancements moving from Shorebridge into Fayford. She believes that the current ruling monarch has no interest in spreading the advancements. 


Place Has Has Not Cares about
Northwest Territory Fur, lumber, precious metals, fishing Farmland, livestock, energy, manufacturing, technology Defending precious metals, acquiring technology to make that process easier, energy
California Territory Lumber, precious metals, fishing, grapes Farmland, livestock, energy, manufacturing, technology Energy, manufacturing, defending precious metals
Southwest Territory Luminous mineral production, livestock, manufacturing Reliable fresh water, farmland Reliable fresh water, farmland
Montana Territory Livestock, hunting Manufacturing, farmland, technology, energy, lumber Energy, label
Northern Territory Livestock, manufacturing, lumber Farmland, fishing, energy Energy, farmland
Ontario Territory Livestock, farmland, fishing Energy, manufacturing, technology, lumber Technology, lumber, manufacturing
Texas Territory Fishing, luminous mineral production, livestock Reliable fresh water, manufacturing, oil Reliable fresh water, oil
Mississippi Territory Farmland, livestock, fishing, minimal oil production Manufacturing, technology Technology, defending oil production
Florida Territory Farmland, fishing Livestock, technology, manufacturing Technology, manufacturing
Carolina Territory Lumber, farmland, fishing, hunting, fur, manufacturing, technology Luminous mineral production, oil, livestock Luminous mineral production, oil
New Hampshire Territory Lumber, fishing, manufacturing, hunting Farmland, livestock, technology Technology

The company controlling the factory where the protagonist worked is determined to increase the amount of luminous mineral production and the amount of the mineral that is imported into the Carolina Territory. Their export of the manufactured luminous items, especially to the western territories. The Carolina Territory, therefore, places a high value on the manufacturing and technological advances that make the company happy.

The President turns to the protagonist in order to find a way to unite all of the territories despite the fact that they all have different needs. She turns to reviving the country’s greatness through cooperation.

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