30 Days of World Building, Day 7: Recent History

Day 7: Recent History-Spend a few minutes outlining the major events that happened in your world during the 100 years before the novel begins. Make sure to include political events, births, deaths, war, trade disagreements, etc.

King’s Shadow:

Year Event
2237 Novel starts, Protagonist becomes King’s Shadow
2236 Dustin retires
2235 Ian enters Officer’s Academy
2230 King’s Shadow killed by friendly fire
2227 Protagonist’s mother marries Duke of Northlynn
2223 Massacre at Shorebridge city
2221 Protagonist’s parents divorce
2220 Former monarch dies, King comes into power
2219 Hurricane hits Shorebridge
2217 Ace retires as King’s Shadow
2215 Protagonist is born, Heather is born
2214 Prince is born
2212 Ian is born
2210 Protagonist’s parents marry
2209 Ace becomes King’s Shadow
2206 Ace, Dustin, King at Officer’s Academy
2200 Ace arrives in Aeledge
2195 Building of fort-like palace complex
2191 Capitol city burned to the ground
2183 Current King is born, Dustin is born
2182 Ace is born
2170 Capitol city established in Aeledge
2167 Woodward family sent on the run to Aeledge after multiple assassination attempts
2166 Anarchic attack on capitol city
2161 Formation of Anarchic organization
2160 Creation of the King’s Shadow
2158 Assassination of 1st Woodward monarch
2154 Creation of the King’s Guard
2153 Assassination attempt on Royal Family
2150 Establishment of border between Fayford and Wellport
2142 Former monarch born
2135 Trade embargo/dispute between Southedge, Lochmead, and Coldwall
2133 Clash between Northlynn and Texas over Barren Lands
2130 Official establishment of the Barren Lands
2126 Radioactive event and electromagnetic pulse
2120 Woodward Family takes control at end of World War 4/Isolationism—Military coup



Year Event
2085 Novel begins
2084 Protagonist’s father dies in May, mother in August
2083 Factory establishes security measures to defend against militant group
2081 Protagonist’s father becomes ill
2080 Plains burned by arsonists connected to militant group
2078 Protagonist’s mother becomes ill
2077 Protagonist begins working at factory
2073 Factory admits internally to dangers of work
2070 Factory created
2065 Protagonist’s family moves to capitol city
2061 Protagonist born
2059 Militant group begins targeting factories
2053 Riot over working conditions suppressed with violence
2052 Leader of militant group executed
2047 Militant group attacks government facilities in Texas Territory
2044 Creation of Mississippi Territory and Florida Territory
2042 Militant group establishes itself in Texas Territory, Southwest Territory established
2041 Creation of New Hampshire Territory
2040 President born
2037 Hurricane hits Florida Peninsula, wiping out initial goal of creating territory
2034 Creation of Texas Territory and Carolina Terriroty
2033 Creation of Northern and Ontario Territories
2028 Creation of Northwest and Montana Territories
2027 Creation of California Territory
2021 U.S. Government loses most effectiveness, big corporations take complete control
2020 States begin dissolving
2019 Electromagnetic pulse destroys all technological infrastructure

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