30 Days of World Building, Day 4: Cataclysms

Note: Since both of my novels take place in what is now the United States, I’m going to follow Emily’s version of this day. (Check out her blog if you haven’t already!)

Day 4: Cataclysms-Create a list of 3 major land features to include in your novel and the purpose of those features.

King’s Shadow:

  1. Swamp–This swamp, located to the southwest of the capital, is used for military training. The Protagonist has spent a lot of time there. Despite her familiarity with it, she still feels uncertain about the terrain. This parallels her feelings about being the King’s Shadow
  2. Lake/Bay–Situated to the east of the capital, the lake/bay provides a trade route for goods to enter the city. While other members of the military see this as the route by which the assassin entered the city, the protagonist disagrees. Causes fog, snowstorms, and flooding that occasionally cripple the city
  3. Forest–Located north of the capital, the forest holds dozens of old military storehouses. It allows for a straight shot out of the capital city without risking meeting the Royal Guard on the roads. It is impacted by the precipitation from the lake/bay


  1. River that bisects the city–River divides the living/government portion of the city from the industrial side. The protagonist sees it as the boundary between her life when her parents were sick (thanks to the factory) and her life now. She has a hard time crossing it
  2. The Plains–The land around the city that was a forest ten years ago but was destroyed by an arsonist. Part of the plains are used by the factory as dumps for its waste and thus are the target of the president’s cleanup
  3. Cemetery Hill–The hill overlooking the river houses a middle class cemetery. The protagonist visits here occasionally as it is where her parents are buried.

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