30 Days of World Building, Day 3: Mood & Setting

Day 3: Mood & Setting: Read over the list of climates from the first day. Then find a blank page (or blog post), and think about the mood that you want to feel while reading or writing your novel. Jot down two adjectives, a verb, and a noun that fit that feeling. Then reread your list of climates and the emotions/that go along with them. If any match, then that climate will help create the mood in your novel. If none fit exactly, pick the closest two and build your world using them both.

King’s Shadow:

Unsure, lucky, anticipate, talent–New England Swamp, boot-eating and squishy and large lake that creates lake effect snow and fog, hidden and worn


Small, barren, determined, politics–High winds and few older trees, vicious and little heavy precipitation except for occasional snow storm, strained

I have to say that these descriptive words surprised me. I initially only put one climate/setting with each novel, but I had a hard time only having one climate. I felt like the two encompassed the whole feeling that I wanted the stories to have. I’m sure I’ll whittle things down once I get working. But, for now, it’s good to have a large block of marble to chisel down until it’s just right.

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