30 Days of World Building, Day 2: Physical Planet

Today’s the second day of the 30 Day World Building Challenge, and so far so good. The worlds are slowly starting to form in my mind. They certainly feel more real than they ever have before. 

Day 2: Physical Planet–Weather can have a major influence on characters and plot. Sometimes it can even change the tide of the story. Jot down five plot devices that relate to weather and what they could do to the story. 

King’s Shadow:

  1. Fog–While protagonist struggles to get home, the fog slows down her pace and confuses her
  2. Flood–A flood takes the Royal Family’s attention away from an upcoming wedding to the rescue efforts in the capital city
  3. Thunder Storm–A thunderstorm at night causes the protagonist to lose the man she’s pursuing and then become the hunted
  4. Heat-wave–Military training exercises in the heat cause the Prince to stop for a moment, leaving him alone with the protagonist. She’s forced to reveal herself as the King’s Shadow when they’re attacked
  5. High winds–High winds cause trees to crash through the windows in several offices, revealing a hiding place


  1. Blizzard–A blizzard that shuts down the city forces the protagonist and the President together in his office. Opportunity for her to reveal her past and hint at her illness
  2. Ice–Ice on the ground causes the protagonist to fall and break her leg. Reveals the progress of her illness and forces her to tell the President
  3. Below-freezing temperatures–The cold exacerbates the protagonist’s pain and makes her snap at the President during a crucial time. He makes a near fatal mistake in his campaign as a result
  4. High wind–Knocks out power to the meeting hall where the president is about to give a speech. The protagonist and he craft an outdoor speech/situation where he gains support back
  5. Humid–The humidity overnight causes the protagonist to go for a walk when she can’t sleep. She finds the president and they stumble upon a group of women from the factory as they go home. First time the president sees that the women’s clothes glow

I’ve never used weather as a plot device before, but I really like these ideas. They could make things very interesting for my characters. 


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