30 Days of World Building, Day 1: Climate & Variety

Fellow blogger and a good friend of mine, Emily of More than One Page, started the 30 Day World Building Challenge. She’s using it to help her edit a novel that she’s been working on for a long time, and I thought a couple novels that I’m struggling with could benefit from this challenge.

I might be biting off a bit more than I can chew by doing  two novels at once. But I won’t know unless I try. Plus it’s going to be fun to see where this challenge takes these novels. I may take some liberties with the instructions, so what I do may not match up with the instructions on the website.

If you’re interested in taking the challenge yourself,  check out the website here. And be sure to check out Emily’s progress here.

Day 1: Climate & Variety–List 5 different climates (or cities if that means more to you than climate descriptions). Then write a word or two that your main character would use to describe it or how it makes him/her feel.

King’s Shadow:

  1. New England humid swamp-Boot-eating, squishy
  2. Moderate sized mountains covered with thick forest-Lost 
  3. Large lake that creates lake effect snow and fog-Hidden and worn
  4. Green, damp farmland-Exposed
  5. Cool temperatures at night and hot and humid by afternoon-Invigorated


  1. Cool wind off an ocean harbor with chilly water-Lonely and determined
  2. Small hills covered with trees-Escape
  3. Temperate climate, frigid in the winter and cool in summer-Drive her inside
  4. Little heavy precipitation except for occasional snowstorm-Strained
  5. High wind and few older trees-Vicious

Are you doing the challenge? Does climate and geography play a major role in your story?

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