Ten Gifts under $10 for Writers

Less than a week from Christmas, a few of us are still scrambling to pick-up last minute gifts in time for the holiday. Since writers tend to be a pretty difficult group to buy for (because they have more than enough pens and notebooks), here are ten gifts under $10 sure to please the writer in your life.

1. Novelist at Work Warning Sign: $8.99 from Amazon.com
Because every writer should have a warning sign posted for bystanders. They need to know what they’re getting into when they spend time with their writer friends.

2. Travel-Size Library Collection Candle: $8.00 from Paddywax.com
These diminutive candles produce scents reminiscent of classic writers such as Jane Austen and Edgar Allen Poe. Not only do they smell great, but they may also help with getting a writer’s muse into the working mood.

Mental Notes Sticky Note 100 Sheets3. Mental Notes  Sticky Notes: $3.00 from BarnesandNoble.com
Muses like to spring ideas on writers at the most inopportune times. And those ideas stick around until the writer puts pen to paper. These sticky notes provide a fun way for writer’s to make those notes.

Team Oxford Comma Magnet4. Team Oxford Comma Magnet: $3.29 from CafePress.com
Writers are divided over the use of the Oxford comma. This magnet lets them have a fun way to show where they stand. It’s the difference between eating bacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast and telling eggs and toast that you ate bacon for breakfast.

5. Shakespearean Insult Gum: $5.84 from Amazon.com
Shakespearean insults are widely considered unique and mildly hysterical. Writers will get a kick out of this neat way to show off their passion for literature. Plus it puts a distinguished twist on writer’s keeping gum at their desk.

Ray Bradbury quote - Write only what you love - black Scrabble tile6. Scrabble Tile Pendant with Quote: $9.95 from Etsy.com
Quotes often inspire writers, especially when they’re from other writers. These pendants are unique, and there is a variety of quotes available. Paired with a chain or on a key ring, a pendant would be a treasured piece of jewelry.

The Mini Bonsai Kit7. The Mini Bonsai Kit: $6.95 from BarnesandNoble.com
No matter how prolific the writer,  procrastination will always visit their keyboard. This Mini Bonsai Kit allows the writer to be productive even if they’re avoiding their writing. And they can feel better about procrastinating because at least they’re not spending the whole time on Facebook or Twitter.

Clue Game 2013 Edition8. Clue 2013 Board Game: $9.99 from Hasbro.com
Mystery writers in particular will enjoy this updated version of the classic Clue board game, though all writers will enjoy solving the case. There is nothing like a evening off from writing and playing detective. Plus, the story may inspire the muse to start working.

Self-Therapy Large Pad 60 Sheets9. Self-Therapy Large Pad: $6.95 from BarnesandNoble.com
Most writers will admit that writing takes a toll on a person, not only the long hours but also the stress of publishing. So it’s natural for writers, their friends, and families to question their sanity. So this inexpensive self-therapy will buy time until they have to speak to a therapist about spending too much time with fictional characters.

10. Aqua Notes: $7.99 from Amazon.com
Unfortunately, spilled drinks have destroyed countless ideas that could have easily become the next great American novel. Aqua Notes will give those ideas a chance of survival in case of spilled coffee. Plus there is the option of writing in the shower.

Are you getting yourself or the writer in your life anything unusual for Christmas?

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