Book Review: Plague by Lisa Hinsley

“Plauge” was published today!

Paper, Pen, and No Plan

Liz and Johnny thought that they were safe–for the moment–from the new strain of the bubonic plague that the government said was confined to the south. But then their son begins to show symptoms of the plague. A call to the government health hotline leads to their home being boarded up and quarantined. Liz is forced to sit by helplessly as her son grows weaker, the other houses on her street are boarded up, and their connection to the outside world is severed. The only option for her family is to cope the best that they can with the epidemic.

The premise of this novella really drew me to the story. Locked room type thrillers set the reader on edge before they even start, and the use of the bubonic plague allows for a great bad guy without having to delve too much into the symptoms or results of a…

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