Saturday Night Writing Update: Elixir

In addition to posting my book reviews, writing tools, and publishing escapades, I’ve decided to add a post or two a week to give an update on my current projects. It’s a way to hold myself accountable. There’s nothing like a little guilt trip to make me get back to the keyboard. So, here’s an update on Elixir.

Project Name: Elixir
Main Characters: Vincent & Donna
Word Count: 9,024
Current Scene: Hero and Heroine realize they’re in love
Next Scene: Testing the bond/Climax
Biggest Struggle: I had to write an action scene, where the hero has to chase after and rescue the heroine. The scene felt really stiff even as I wrote it. I hated pretty much everything I wrote.
Biggest Success: The transition between the hero’s and heroine’s point of views is flowing awesome. I was worried about whether or not I’d figure out when to transition, but that hasn’t been an issue.
Feelings about my Muse: She’s been ignoring me all week, no matter how hard I prod her. She needs to get her act in gear.
Distractions: Dogs, TV, Twitter, the usual bad guys

I’m excited about where I am with this novella. My plan of writing something shorter so I can see the whole process through and boost my confidence seems to be working out. There’s still a ways to go with Elixir, but I can see the light at the end of the first draft.

How are your projects coming? Are you hitting any roadblocks? Let me know in the comments.

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