Pitching Travel Articles

I spent hours the other day on Google, scouring the internet for freelance writing opportunities. I found dozens I’m absolutely not qualified for and a bunch that I didn’t have a clue what I’d pitch. A handful stood out as possibilities. Provided, of course, that I could flesh out a pitch.

I noticed a common theme among all of the magazines and websites that ended up on my possible” list. Travel magazines outnumbered pretty much everything else.

Because travel writing doesn’t require an eight hour flight and waking up in a foreign country (fortunately), I can write about local destinations like Boston and Plymouth. There are dozens of museums in the city, and Plymouth has dozens of historic attractions. Plus Salem, the Cape, and Rhode Island are short drives away. I just have to make sure that my destination isn’t closed for the winter.

Now to start outlining for my pitches.

But. Am I sure that I can write a quality article that an editor will want to publish? Or will I be able to craft a pitch that’ll garner interest? I’ve written two and sent in one, and I never received a response. The simple answer is that pitches need to flow from my keyboard at a rate of at least three a day. Responses will undoubtedly amount to silent treatment and rejection more often than acceptance. Practice makes progress, though, and eventually I’ll get a shot at publication.

So while I work on my pitches, I’ll visit attractions and draft articles to have in the wings. That way I won’t have to panic one day if the email comes back with a “yes” instead of a “no”.

What’s your experience pitching articles? Have you gotten a “yes”?

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