Book Review: Confessions of a Hostie, True Stories of an International Flight Attendant by Danielle Hugh

Imagine a job that includes jet-setting across the globe, staying in luxurious 5-star hotels, and shopping in a different international city every week. It doesn’t sound like a real job. But take into consideration the task of serving cranky passengers at 30,000 feet, and that is the world of an international flight attendant. In Confessions of a Hostie, Danielle Hugh shares stories from her twenty years in the profession. She pulls back the galley curtain to give readers a glimpse into her life as a hostie.

Danielle’s charming personality comes through in her narration. She tells her stories with equal parts humor and honesty. Things can get pretty rough when a person is traveling and away from home on a weekly basis. The strain on the body at altitude so often, eating out and drinking, and crossing time zones frequently is less than healthy. But even while discussing several low points, she makes it completely clear that she wouldn’t choose any career over being a hostie.

I expected to fall into the world of a hostie while reading and to experience a part of Danielle’s life like I was there with her. But I never felt immersed in the story. It lacked sensory details that would have really helped to set the scene in the different locations. Smell, for example, is pretty important when Danielle describes certain unpleasantness in the air. However, there is nothing about the smell at any of the cities where she lands: no descriptions of the air at the hotel, in the shops, or at the restaurants. That omission really stood out to me, though I would have also liked to see more information about the sounds and sights that she loves when she arrives in her favorite places. 

I sensed that the story wanted to build to a major realization at the end. But it never gained traction or built tension to justify one. That led to the story’s climax being rather anti-climactic. And while I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy this book, it came up lacking at the end.

This book would be a great for a reader who enjoys travel books and is looking for a light read.

Rating: three of five stars

Confessions of a Hostie: True Stories of an International Flight Attendant by Danielle Hugh is available from Monsoon Books and is available as an eBook.

*I received a copy of this book in return for an unbiased review.

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