1 Day to NaNoWriMo: Defining Personal Stakes

In just a few hours, the madness that is National Novel Writing Month will descend upon writers. I’m so not ready. Are you?

Defining Personal Stakes

1. Write down the name of your protagonist.
Danielle “Dani” Glasgow

2.  What is her main problem, conflict, goal, need, desire, yearning, or whatever is driving her through the story?
As the new King’s Shadow, Dani wants to prove that she is qualified for the position by discovering the person behind the most recent assassination attempts on the Royal Family.

3. What could make this problem matter more? 

  • The King–who is like family–is injured during an assassination attempt
  • Dani makes a mistake that lets a key witness escape
  • Ace tries to take Dani off the investigation because she lacks experience
  • Dani realizes that the Prince’s future in-laws and his future wife may be involved.

4. When you run out of reasons, ask yourself what could make this problem matter even more than that?

  • Ace is framed for the assassinations and is incarcerated 
  • The upcoming Royal Wedding and the media circus will give the assassin an opportune moment to strike
  • Dani realizes that the Prince is being poisoned

5. When you run out of steam, ask yourself what could make this problem matter more than life itself?

  • Dani becomes a target for the mercenary hired by the assassin

I’m really liking these exercises. I think I’m going to spend the next few hours doing as many as I can so that I’ll be a bit more prepared. 

Are you ready for tomorrow? 

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