Nerves before the NaNo storm

National Novel Writing Month will be here in a few days. Writers across the globe have been plotting and planning for weeks, maybe even months, to get their thoughts in order before the month-long writing marathon. They have notebooks full of plot points, character sketches, and research to help them along their way. November 1st may be a shock, but at least they’re prepared.

I’m not. I’ve done nothing to prepare myself for the novel that I’m going to be writing in a few days.

I’ll be working on King’s Shadow. I started it last year for NaNoWriMo, but the story fizzled midway through November and every time I tried to restart it. I even made a storyboard with index cards for each chapter on a cork board at the beginning of the summer. While that helped me to create a map of where the story was going, I wasn’t completely happy. I’m still struggling with exactly how I want everything to go.

The challenge with NaNo will be keeping myself focused and keeping up the momentum. Lacking a step-by-step plan has been my downfall in the past. But it has also given me phenomenal plot points and twists that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

One plus is that I know my characters pretty well. Sure they have plenty of unexplored aspects that I haven’t even begun to find and that’s part of the fun. But I know the good guys from the bad. As well as which characters fall in-between.

I’m nervous about NaNo. I’m also determined. I can’t wait for November 1st.

How are you feeling about NaNoWriMo this year? Have you done anything to prepare?

2 thoughts on “Nerves before the NaNo storm

  1. TR August says:

    I feel the same way about plotting out every detail of a story. Last year, I was able to win and find some interesting plot twists along the way without a detailed outline. I hope to do the same this year with a very general and loose idea. Hope you are able to finish the story!


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