My eReader: the Good, the Bad, and the very Ugly

After reviewing an eBook at the beginning of the summer and struggling to read the 300+ page PDF on my computer, I decided that I needed an eReader for when physical books aren’t available or practical. I didn’t use it much before heading to Ohio for six weeks; I had a hard time spending money on books that I couldn’t hold in my hands. But I didn’t have room for books in Ohio. The lack of a television except in the common room also meant that I had time to kill. My eReader became my best friend.

Now that I’ve had a chance to really look at and use my eReader, I’ve discovered that it can be a great device. The catch, though, is that I’ve got to be picky about the books I read.

the Good
Reading on an eReader can be addictive. Flicking my finger across the screen to turn the page is much too easy, and I found myself flying through chapters well past my bedtime. The screen also resembles a printed page with just enough of a back-light for easy reading in low-light. I’ve also been able to read a PDF without needing to flip through the whole book on my computer. I don’t think I’ll be buying any books that cost more than a few dollars, but the inexpensive books are certainly fun to read on the eReader.

the Bad
I think my biggest complaint about the eReader is needing to charge it every few days. Sure that’s to be expected with an electronic device, especially when I’m using it for a few hours each night. That can get annoying when I pick up the eReader right before bed and find it dead. With real books, I don’t have to think about battery life. I can read anytime and pretty much anywhere.

the very Ugly
My biggest selling point on getting an eReader was the huge selection of free books in the bookstore. I knew that I wouldn’t be buying a lot of books and that there would only be so many eBooks to review. Once I actually searched the free eBooks, I realized that there was a very good reason they were free. The books seemed to fall into one of three categories: previews of longer books, erotica, or self-published. And there is a reason the self-published books are free. I picked out a couple and couldn’t get through them. They jumped all over the place. The story didn’t make any sense. I couldn’t sympathize or even connect with the narrators. If I want to read anything worth reading, I need to pay for it.

In the end, I’m glad I got an eReader. It’s a great tool as a writer, and I love curling up just before bed to read a book with the lights on low. Plus I don’t get the wrist strain from holding a really heavy book for a long period of time. That in itself is pretty nice.

Do you have an eReader? What’s your opinion on them?

4 thoughts on “My eReader: the Good, the Bad, and the very Ugly

  1. sabrinawolfheart says:

    I have an e-reader, and I actually like it quite a bit! I got a Kindle from my parents two Christmases ago, and it’s been lovely. It reads like paper, and mine has no backlight, so it’s good for the eyes (too much backlight can damage the eyes, especially in a dark room). I buy a lot of books on there, because (1) they’re cheaper and (2) I’m usually only allowed to take my Kindle with me on family trips, so it’s great to have a huge library of books I love at my fingertips.

    Mine doesn’t de-charge every few nights. In fact, I can go about half a month without recharging, which is great. But it does have the problems that all e-readers have; it’s not a book. I must admit, I like the smell of a good book, and the feel of the pages. It’s awesome. But, still. Unfortunately, I’ve managed to fill up the two bookshelves I have, so it’s very nice to not have to worry about all the space the books will take up. πŸ™‚

    What kind of e-reader do you have, by the way? Mine’s a Kindle Touch, specifically. πŸ˜›


    • sestone519 says:

      I have a Barnes & Noble Nook HD. If I’m not using it, I can usually get a couple weeks out of it. But if I’m using it, usually about a week. I’ve actually been using it a whole lot more since I wrote that post. I get pretty much all of the books that I review on here on as eBooks, so I always have at least one book waiting to be read.


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