Book Review: Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Rebekkah is in a state of shock when she returns to Claysville. Her grandmother has just passed away, and no one will give her any details beyond the funeral arrangements. But Rebekkah had inherited more than just her grandmother’s belongings. She inherited her role as graveminder, the one who keeps the dead in their graves and takes those who’ve not been minded to the afterlife. Unfortunately she doesn’t have a chance to ease into the role: one of the unminded dead is attacking people across town. Rebekkah must work together with a former flame in order to keep the town safe from those who threaten to destroy it.

Graveminder is a fun, quick read. The chapters are deceptively addicting. I kept turning pages, thinking only one more until I realized that it was way past my bedtime. The premise of the graveminder is pretty interesting: a person who visits the graves in town to ensure that the dead don’t rise. Plus the graveminder has the responsibility of escorting the dead to the underworld should something happen and their grave isn’t visited.

All of that being said, Graveminder didn’t make me fall in love with the story or the characters. Rebekkah had a history of running off when commitments and roots started forming, and I didn’t understand where that came from. The romantic relationship–and the reasoning behind why it had to happen–felt a little deus ex machina. Sure it made sense to me, but Rebekkah accepting it as she did seemed a bit off. The book seemed to be reaching for a sequel or at least a few companions to flesh out several subplots that were left dangling. After a little bit of research, I have only found what appears to be a short story set in the universe. Maybe the author plans on releasing another graveminder book.

So this book might be for you if you’re looking for something similar to the Sookie Stackhouse series. It’s absolutely a beach/vacation read or great if you just want something light in the evenings. I bought it on my Nook, but it’s also available in paperback.

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