Six Writers

I did a post about seven books that made a major impact on me a few months ago. Here are six writers who have stuck in my mind.

  1. Stephen King: I’ll always remember the first King novel I read, Cell. The ending made me furious as a reader, but it made me impressed as a writer. While I’ve fallen out-of-love with him–after reading the mammoth of The Stand–I’ll never forget his unmistakeable writing.
  2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Doyle  hated Sherlock Holmes so much that he killed the character off and was forced to bring him back after a public outcry. I’m forever grateful that he kept writing. His detective stories shaped the mystery fanfiction I wrote when I started finding my writer’s voice.
  3. Patricia Cornwell: I keep meaning to reread the Scarpetta series, to refresh my mind when I see the new books hitting shelves. Like Sherlock Holmes, Scarpetta is a great protagonist in the mystery genre. Plus the CSI-feel hooked me on the CSI TV show a few years after I read them.
  4. Lee Child: Jack Reacher cannot be underestimated. I’ve only just started the series in the past six months, and I’m glad I get to see the difference in style over the course of the books. My eyes will be peeled for number two in the series.
  5. Robert Browning: I’ve never had any real fondness for poetry; I always had a hard time understanding the hidden meaning. Whenever another student gave their analysis or the professor explained it, I felt like an idiot for thinking something completely different. Browning’s poetry changed my mind to a degree. His poems are enjoyable because they’re more like monologues than hidden-meaning puzzles.
  6. Hugh Laurie: The actor, Hugh Laurie, also wrote a book called The Gunseller. I learned about the book because a classmate in a creative writing workshop said my story reminded her of it. This was the first time I read anything specifically because it was similar to my work. Plus I couldn’t help but be impressed that Dr. Gregory House also wrote fiction.

Which writers have stuck with you?

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