Make Time to Write

As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m pretty darn busy here at dog trainer school. I had a practical test today, and next week I have two written tests, a practical, and a presentation on my training philosophy/methodology. Plus Sampson needs to learn four more commands by Thursday.

So I pretty much haven’t had a chance to write. I don’t see that situation changing anytime in the near future. At least not until I finish up this class.

The problem with that is I’ve been just sitting, staring at notes and flashcards as I try to cram information into my head. Even the idea of sitting down to start or work on a story has become almost too big for me. Why should I do that when I have to memorize all of the American Kennel Club recognized breeds? (Hint, there are over 150 of them.) And will I really have time to keep writing when I get home? I’ll be looking for work, deciding whether or not to start my own business, grappling with figuring out how to move south.

I’ve been reading The Paris Wife over the past week. I take it to bed with me and read one or two chapters (about twenty pages) just before going to sleep. The clock could read 10:20–and I’m exhausted–but I still read those chapters. I make time for them even if I could be studying or should be sleeping.

Writing needs to become that kind of a priority. I can spare twenty minutes at lunchtime to write a page or two. And I don’t even need to turn on my computer and unleash the temptation of the internet. I brought an extra notebook along with a stack of loose leaf paper. Longhand is slower; it’s still writing.

And that’s the point.

A stack of loose, scribbled upon pages, numbered at the top, is worth more than blank ones. They’re a start. Revision and putting the story in front of an agent or editor or publisher, doesn’t happen without a start.

Have you found yourself putting off your writing? How did you overcome that slump?

One thought on “Make Time to Write

  1. inkhearted says:

    My “time to write” has become a joke. I really need to get in gear–November’s coming up, after all!–and I have an idea I’m excited about, but I just can’t seem to put pen to paper (or, you know, fingers to keyboard) when it comes to writing for fun. It’s lame. I haven’t been able to stick to ANYthing recently, it seems! I look forward to seeing some tips as well. I am well and truly slumped. :/


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