Many facets…Like characters should be

The best characters have more than one side to them. Your protagonist might be a foul-mouth bartender at night and then teaches Sunday School at his church. Or maybe your antagonist owns and runs a movie theater in town and spends her evenings lounging in the public library’s historical documents room. Tack onto those characteristics a handful of smaller quirks to create a character your reader will remember.

Your goal is to make your character as lifelike as possible.

Just like any well-written character, I’m more than just a writer and blogger. I am also an aspiring dog trainer. And I will be spending the next six weeks, six days a week for about eight hours a day, learning to train dogs and with training my own. I have no idea if I’ll have much (if any) time to blog between now and the middle of October.

I’ll be making an effort to post on Fridays at noon. But please understand if I happen to miss a week.

All writers have held down day-jobs at some point in their careers. Patricia Cornwell worked in a medical examiner’s office, Laurie R. King was an architect, and Stephen King held down a job as an English teacher. Dog training will be my other job.

That’s not to say I’ll drop it if I ever reach the point where I can make a comfortable living as a writer. I enjoy training dogs, teaching them new things. And I think I’ll work pretty well with their owners, too.

So I hope you will forgive me if there is a lack of posts. I’m working on becoming a better, multifaceted character.


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