The 5 W’s and H of Elixir

I’m working on two major fiction projects and a couple of nonfiction articles. The fiction can be a challenge, so I’ve decided to chronicle my progress here. That way I’ll be accountable to at least myself. On top of that, at least I’ll have a go-to post topic.

Elixir: Romance novella, 15,000-20,000 words

Who are the main characters?
Kym is a twenty-four year old secretary at a law firm. She’s nervous around vampires because her blood is special. As an Elixir, Kym’s blood can heal vampires from the effects of silver and staking. It also prevents damage that would be done by silver bullets. Her love life is going through a dry spell that could be mistaken for an epic drought, and she has given up on finding anyone because she refuses to go out at night.
Frederick is a vampire who served in the American Revolutionary War and now works as a thief-for-hire. He was made into a vampire when he was captured by Red Coats; he returned home to find his family slaughtered. He moves around a lot, and his skills as a thief allow him to work pretty much anywhere. Another vampire recently hired him to find an elixir.

What is the plot?
If anyone–vampire or human–finds out that Kym is an elixir, her life as she knows it will end. So she realizes that she’s in a bad place when a vampire rescues her from a group of undead attackers. And things go from bad to worse as the close quarters put her in dangerous proximity to Frederick, a very sexy vampire. Can she keep her head to maintain the bubble she’s created around her life? Or will she take a risk and let herself fall for the protective vampire?
Frederick takes an assignment from a final client before leaving town: find an elixir. He has no idea what an elixir is, and his hunt for the information is interrupted when he spots a young woman being attacked by a group of young vampires. His sense of duty won’t allow him to leave her unguarded, and he doesn’t mind the company of a beautiful woman. Will he let down his guard, letting Kym into his heart? Or will he steel his heart and complete the job?

Where does it take place?
The novella is set in the fictional city of Pecan Heights in Massachusetts. Elements of Pecan Heights are drawn from the actual towns of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Roanoke, Virginia.When does it take place?

When does it take place?
Elixir takes place in an alternate timeline, where vampires revealed themselves to humans two years before the start of World War I. The events of the novel occur around 2013, so the technology is the same as what’s present today.

Why am I writing this?
I’ve always loved reading romance novels, especially ones featuring vampires or Scottish highlanders. Plus I took a class in romance writing a few years ago and have been looking for an opportunity to use the tools I learned there. Whenever I tried to write a longer romance piece, I have trouble maintaining the story. So I decided to write a novella. That way I can focus on the story arc, the romance, and the characters without worrying about length.

How will I make this unique?
Vampires are all the rage right now, and there has always been a market for stories about the monster even when the popular taste fades. That means that it’ll take a lot of work to craft a story that’s different from everything else. Maybe I’ll research old vampire folklore to find weaknesses that modern stories tend not to use. Or I could tweak the anti-hero character type to fit my hero and still make him drool-worthy. Maybe make him a very reluctant knight in shining armor.

Are you working on any projects? How are they coming?

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