Plans Gone Awry…Again

I made it to day 3 of Camp NaNo before I started to lose my momentum. I was far enough ahead in my word count, though, that I didn’t worry too much. I could easily make up the words I hadn’t written on July 4th over the weekend, when I’d have the time to just sit and write.

But then Sampson happened.

I will be attending school in Ohio in order to become a professional dog trainer this fall, and the course requires that I train a dog while I’m there. While the school does offer to find a local dog that needs training so students don’t have to bring their own dog, I didn’t want to do that. This dog will be my demo dog. He will be the dog I can show off; the dog that will prove to prospective clients and employers that I can walk the walk.

My search for a dog–a German Shepherd–began at the end of June. Finding a GSD around 8 months old without any formal training would be pretty difficult, so I figured that I’d start the search early. The first breeder I called had a dog for me to check out. He was a neutered male, little to no training, and very sweet. Day 6 of NaNo, I met him. I had puppy-brain instantly, and I couldn’t force myself to sit at the computer to write 1667 words a day. I should have. I wished that I had. But I didn’t.

Fast forward to last Wednesday. I’d spent two weeks thinking about nothing but Sampson, and he finally came home. Since then I’ve been juggling the needs of two young dogs, trying to make sure that he gets enough exercise around my full-time job and that Grace still gets attention she deserves.

This is actually the first time I’ve written anything since July 4th. I barely have time to eat and sleep at the moment with all of the adjustments in the house. It will get better in two weeks as August 2nd is my final day of this temporary job. I’ll have the benefit of five weeks between then and when I’m heading to Ohio. I already have a new desk set up downstairs, ready for me to start freelancing and working on my novel.

I will be squeezing little writing session in between now and then. There will be time on the weekends to write, and there will be time to write in the evenings. I will write. I’ll find a way.

Because I’m really not a fan of this whole not-writing thing.

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