Camp NaNoWriMo, Summer 2013: Day 3

I had an appointment tonight, so it kind of messed up my routine. Plus I had to argue with myself a lot more than usual to convince myself to sit down and write. But Chapter 1 is finished. Plus the beginning of Chapter 2 is starting off pretty interesting. I actually didn’t want to stop writing until I realized how late it is right now.

My goal is to write at least three thousands words tomorrow. I’ll have more time because of the holiday.

Write or Die Session #1: 30 minutes/1120words
Write or Die Session #2: 20 minutes/555 words

How many words did you write today? 1704
How long did it take you to write them? 50 minutes of Write or Die
How many Facebook breaks did you take?  None
How many characters have you killed off to date? None
How many NaNoWriMo Angels have you murdered? I plead the fifth.
Have you stopped using contractions yet? Nope
What was today’s reward for finishing word count? Pixie stix.
Cups of Tea: One. It was more sugar and milk than tea, really.
How any pieces of chocolate were consumed? None.
Total NaNoWriMo Word Count So Far: 5835
Words to Goal: 44,165
Days Remaining: 28

Have you found yourself having trouble when you break your routine? How do you get through it?

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