If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? And what would your writing be like?

I’d be Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.

She is a strong young woman who’s working a few jobs she’s not exactly crazy about and saving up for her ultimate goal of owning and running her own restaurant. Tiana starts off the movie so driven to achieve her dream that she pushes off fun things in favor of taking another shift and getting another step closer to her goal. As with every movie ever made by Disney, Tiana eventually realizes that life isn’t as fulfilling if you’re not enjoying it.

Why her? Well, I have a goal of becoming a professional dog trainer and am currently saving up to go to school for that in September. I work a temp job that’s not exactly what I want to be doing for the rest of my life–I was working two part time jobs I didn’t particularly care for–all because I need to tuck money away into a savings account to pay for tuition and housing.

One of my biggest problems is my severe dislike for spending money on anything just for the fun of it. Sure I’ll buy a soda at the corner store by my office once a week or pick up a Nylabone when it’s on sale for my dog, but I have a hard time walking up to the register when I want to buy something for myself. I question whether getting the item in my hands is really necessary. More than once, I’ve walked away because the line at the register is too long and I’ve talked myself out of buying anything. I tell myself that I don’t really need it, and that money would be put to a much better use if I saved it for my goal of school in Ohio.

I do understand that life’s about enjoying living as well. I’m just not ready yet to loosen my tight grip on responsibility.

My writing would be much more focused on the paranormal and history if I were Tiana. She lives in New Orleans, a city filled to the brim with tales of the supernatural and voodoo. Plus all of the historic architecture just oozes old-world charm. Imagine walking the cobblestone streets of the French Quarter or to a dilapidated, cobweb-filled building on the waterfront. Or even standing at the edge of the bayou and feeling the mosquitoes buzzing around your head.

There would be a heck of a lot more magic in my writing. I mean, you couldn’t live down in New Orleans without feeling the magic of the city. And there would absolutely have to be a chase scene through the bayou. Or maybe a character would have to avoid crocodiles and snakes in order to escape from the antagonist.

To be completely honest, though, I’m not sure I’d have more time to write if I were Tiana. I’m currently struggling to keep a grip on an hour a night. Between her two jobs, I doubt she’d get much sleep if she wrote for even that amount of time.

What about you? If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? And what would your writing be like?

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