Always Prepared

I’m not the kind of woman who carries around a purse by choice. I’d much rather stick my wallet and cell phone in the back pockets of my jeans and tuck my keys into my right front pocket. Maybe I’ll stuff a plastic “poop” bag into my other front pocket or drop change in with my keys, but that’s about it. I don’t carry around much else.

As a writer, I feel like I should carry around a bag big enough to hold a paperback book and a notebook. It’s almost a moral imperative. Always prepared for a quiet moment or for inspiration to strike. Kind of like a Boy Scout.

But I just don’t see the sense in it. The bag, that is.

I pick jeans over a skirt or a dress nine days out of ten. And those days I choose to wear a skirt, I often curse the fact that I don’t have any pockets. My quite rational fear is that I’ll drape my bag over the back of a chair or push it beneath a table and then walk away without it. I’m the type of person who completely forgets about things unless I can see some sort of reminder. That’s why I have dozens of Post-Its plastered across my desk at work. It might look a bit odd if I whip out a little packet of sticky notes and write a reminder while I’m out at a fancy dinner.

Plus, I’m not sure I’d actually read or write. My phone is too much of a distraction, and the Pintrest app will literally kill an hour without much effort. I know that it’s not contributing positively to my writing. There are so many cool dessert and DIY projects that I always go back for more.

Whenever I don’t have the option of carrying my wallet and phone in my pockets, I tuck a notebook into whatever bag I pull out of my closet. I’ll also put in a paperback novel if I think I’m going to be waiting for some time. Maybe I’ll even pull out the book rather than my phone when I’ve got time to kill.

At least I can say that I’m prepared in case the muse decides to pop awake and demand that I write while I’m waiting for an oil change.

Do you carry a notebook or a book with you? Do you prefer them to apps on your phone?

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