My New eReader

I’ve avoided the eReader craze for quite a while. As a writer, I’m a huge advocate for holding and reading an actual book. I love being able to feel the pages in my hands, judge how long it’ll take me to read while it’s still on the shelf, and smell the distinctive old and new book smell if I put my nose to the pages.

I don’t see books disappearing, ever. There are too many readers who enjoy browsing bookstore shelves. And I know that I love nothing more than coming home with a bag full of books.

Reviewing Act Like You Love Me made me reconsider not having an eReader. Since it’s an eBook, I received it as a PDF in my email. I don’t particularly enjoy reading on my computer. I feel tied down in a way I don’t with paperbacks, and I probably would have been able to convince myself to finish the book faster if I wasn’t being routinely distracted by Facebook and Twitter. 

The biggest hurdle for me to overcome was how easy it would be for me to purchase books. I worried that I might get carried away with buying books without thinking much about it. To buy a paperback or hardcover, I’d have to drive all the way to the bookstore, and then I’d still have the ability to change my mind before I get to the register.

I’d never actually searched the eReader bookstores for free books. I knew that they existed, but I didn’t know how many to expect in the search results. Then I found out that there are over 1.7 million free books in the NOOK bookstore. Sure a large portion of those are erotic romances, but I’ve found a fair number of other genres that I can download. (More on the quality of those books later.)

So I managed to talk myself into wanting an eReader, and I got a Barnes and Noble NOOK for my birthday.

I’m actually quite surprised to say that I really enjoy my new NOOK. Sure it’s been less than a day since I picked it out, but this little eReader is really growing on me. I’m still figuring it out at the moment. I haven’t quite figured out if I can purchase books with a B&N gift card, so that’s my next project. Otherwise I’ll budget myself for a book or two a month, choosing a free one the rest of the time.

I’m not going to be  abandoning my books . I still have a bunch on the shelf that need to be read. I like that the NOOK gives me options: eBooks, self-published, and an entire B&N bookstore in the small tablet. But I won’t be using it on airplanes. Call me old-fashioned, but I love not having to store my book during takeoff and landing.

Do you have an eReader? How does it compare to reading a paperback or hardcover?

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