Fifteen things I do instead of writing

  1. Watch reruns of COPS and House Hunters (That counts as research into police procedures and setting, right?)
  2. Browse my Facebook newsfeed
  3. Scroll through my Twitter feed
  4. Pull up the “Write or Die” website and stare at the screen
  5. Design writer business cards (I’ll need them eventually)
  6. Scroll through friends’ Facebook photo albums
  7. Browse directories of magazines looking for freelance writers and imagine what I might submit
  8. Watch the latest installment of “The Cal and Emily Pages” on YouTube
  9. Play with my puppy (She has been so good lately)
  10. Daydream about where I might travel and the articles I’d write about the place
  11. Sing along to Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert on Pandora
  12. Watch reruns on Friends
  13. Open my current project on the screen and then ignore it (I’ll work on it when I finish reading this article)
  14. Lament at how my room is such a mess and how I have no time to clean it
  15. Wonder where the heck the past hour went and why I haven’t typed a single sentence

I understand this is a list of excuses, and I’m slowly forcing myself to become more disciplined. I need to get these blog posts done ahead of time. That would leave the rest of the week open for working on other projects which desperately call out for attention.

If you too are looking for a distraction from writing, check out The Cal and Emily Pages.

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