Writing Prompt Saturday: Forest

Writing Prompt #1: Visit Getty Images and search for “Forest.” Choose a picture from the results. You may have to scroll through a few pages before you find one that you like. Let that image be inspire the first scene in your story. Write about 550 words of that scene.

I used this picture, and my scene is below. I’d love to read yours! Feel free to message me or post it below in the comments.


I cursed the full moon that illuminated the sky above the trees and the fireflies buzzing in the air around me. They gave off too much light for me to lose the man who’d been following me for the past hour. I’d been able to stay at least fifty yards ahead of him, but I couldn’t keep the pace up much longer. And now the brush was crashing a lot closer to my heels than I liked.

His name was Patrick Scott. A former U.S. Navy Seal who currently holds top-level security clearances from the Pentagon, he had a reputation for being impossible to escape. He supposedly dogged the heads of the Hamilton Syndicate to the courthouse or their graves, and those men had been on the run for more than twenty years.

I surveyed the nearly open landscape in front of me. I didn’t delude myself by thinking of escape. It wouldn’t happen. The moon shone too bright, and the land lay flat. No dips in the land to hide me long enough for me to conceal myself. That would be too much to ask.

Air agitated my lungs. It scraped against the sides like sandpaper. Each stride provoked my shin splints and caused my calves to burn. Sweat formed a grimy film on my skin. I felt it on my forehead, and I felt round beads of water slither down my temples.

Come on, Katie, you better come up with a plan now. It won’t do you any good if Scott gets any closer.

The dry grass stood tall enough to reach my knees. It already crunched under my running shoes, so it would probably crackle if I were to fall flat out on it. All of the trees within sight appeared to be no more than a few years old. Their scrawny trunks wouldn’t hide my arm, never mind all of me. It looked like my best option would be to disappear into thin air.

I hazarded a glance over my shoulder.

The massive shadow that was Scott bobbed twenty five yards behind me. And he appeared to be getting closer.

My legs kicked into overdrive despite my muscles wanting nothing more than to go lax. I wasn’t going to escape.

I didn’t feel scared. Maybe the adrenaline had kicked any fear out of my system. I didn’t feel desperate either. I’d played the game well, and I lost.

I couldn’t regret the things I did that led to being hunted. I did them for the right reasons. Maybe not the right reasons according to the U.S. government, but they were the right reasons to me. I could live with the blood on my hands.

I slowed my pace as the crashing in the brush behind me became louder and louder. My hands when up on either side of my head, and I stopped. The footsteps behind me stopped too.

“You caught me” I turned around to face Scott. “I give.”

Shadows from the trees encased most of Scott’s face. I could see the cleft of his chin and his dark hair slicked back on top of his head. I watched his left hand disappear behind his back.

He stood still. About thirty seconds passed before he took a step forward.

And then the forest exploded in white.

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